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Moviebox App: It is an entertainment application designed to watch movies, TV shows and Videos. It can be installed in any Smartphones having good configuration of minimum 1GB of RAM. Moviebox Application has numerous features to be entertained with. If you are looking for similar kind of applications like Movie box then try using Showbox App which is great at watching movies online for free.

The MovieBox App is compatible with Android devices and Apple iOS devices. It is available at free of cost which means it doesn’t levy installation charges or charge for watching movies and videos. This is the best feature of MovieBox and it has made it unique. According to the latest statistics, this free online movie watching Moviebox App is recorded as the most used app by many smartphone users.

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By using this application, one can actually convert a mobile screen into a movie screen as the app contains thousands of movies, videos and TV shows and provides pleasant time to spend with. It also has a feature to alter the quality of the videos as High, Medium, Low as per the requirement. This Moviebox App has some instructions that clearly explains how useful it is to the users to get entertained with. The users are also provider with a trial version before committing to the full-length version.

Features of MovieBox App

It has got numerous features that made it popular among Smartphone users. Some of its features include,

  • Availability of latest movies, TV shows and videos.
  • Sorted out list into favorites, downloads and more for easy access.
  • It allows the users to sort out the movies based on Genre, Rating or year.
  • The video quality can be varied based on requirement as Low, Medium and High(HD).

Trial version is always available before committing to the full-length version. MovieBox app for iPhone/iPad can be downloaded without Jailbreaking( Jailbreaking is a process of removing Hardware Restrictions imposed by iOS which allows the download of additional applications, extensions and themes that are not available in Apple App Store).

Download MovieBox Application for iPhone

There are certain easy steps followed after which the MovieBox app is installed in the iOS devices. Below is the step by step process that is to be followed to Install MovieBox on Apple iOS devices.

  1. Open the browser and download the .ipa file properly required for the application.
  2. The next step is to download an additional software called iFunbox if you are working on PC. It enables you to install an ipa file on your iOS device. It can be downloaded from the website.
  3. Now connect the iOS device to the PC using a USB cable and copy the file on the Apple device.
  4. From the left- side panel, double click on the user-applications.
  5. Give right click on the file to find Install option.
  6. Now it asks you to choose an ipa file to install on the device. Choose the downloaded ipa file for MovieBox.
  7. Installation begins and you will be notified and completion of installation.

That’s it. MovieBox App is installed in your iOS device. This simple procedure is followed and the Moviebox App is installed in iOS devices like iPhone/iPad very easily.

MovieBox App Download for iPhone/iPad – Movie Box Apk
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