Fixed! Showbox Captcha and VK Sign-up Error Solving Guide

Showbox Captcha: Showbox which is the most followed app by the Smart-phone users to watch and Download Movies, Videos and TV shows has been showing Captcha and VK sign-up.

Showbox Captcha and VK Sign-up Error Solving

Showbox app is an application that entertains its users to watch and download Movies, Videos and TV shows. It can be enabled in Android, Computer, Apple iOS devices at free of cost. Due to its User-friendly features, it has gained much popularity in very less time compared to its substitute applications.

Showbox not Working

Though the older versions performed really well, Showbox updated versions are creating mess while watching videos. The application where all the latest movies were available started displaying ‘videos not available’ which has been irritating its users. The same problem is been faced for several days.

The Developers of Showbox Application reveal that the Application is under maintenance and it may take several days to fix all the issues and come up with the updated version. Though the Showbox Application got updated many times it worked well at the beginning for several minutes and later showed issues that the users were unable to control. The constant issue that the users faced is when the application Started asking the users to enter ‘Showbox Captcha’ and ‘VK.Com Sign-up’. Users were unable to understand the issues and solve the same to watch videos without errors and interruptions.

Showbox Captcha and VK Sign-up Error Solving

Showbox has been constantly displaying a message asking for captcha and VK sign-up which the users couldn’t understand.

The following are the guidelines that can help users fix this issue of Showbox apk Captcha and VK Sign-up.

  • Go to the Website and Register urself.
  • Enter the details like your name, Country, Mobile number.
  • Mobile number is needed to enter a code number will be sent to your mobile number which is used during Showbox Login.
  • Now enter the code that is sent to your Mobile number at Showbox apk Login.
  • Finally, enter a password and that’s it.

Now go back to the Showbox app and try opening it. Enter the details that you used to sign-up into and the problem is fixed.

If even now the problem is not fixed, try to open it directly by just entering the Captcha rather than Logging in.

If the Showbox application doesn’t work even after following these instructions, then try going back to the older versions of new versions as they are working well comparatively.

Fixed! Showbox Captcha and VK Sign-up Error Solving Guide
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