Download Showbox for Mac, iPad & iPhone – Install Offical App

Showbox for Mac: Showbox is an application that lets you view all your favorite shows and thousand others for free, absolutely free. The best part about the application other than the fact that it is free is that it has a great User Interface. The menu, the screens and the whole experience is simply amazing. So follow these easy directions to download the apps and get started on your movie journey.

Download Showbox for Mac Book Air and Macbook Pro laptop

Showbox for Mac

Steps to download and Install showbox on MAC

  1. Basically you will need to create an interface that lets you download and use android apps for PC/Mac. With the help of this link you will be able to download Bluestacks an interactive platform that basically turns your PC into an android interface and will let you enjoy all the benefits that you can get out of an android platform. Here’s the link-
  2. Once you have downloaded the Bluestacks onto your computer, open the folder and install it.
  3. Then just follow the link and go to the download. The link takes you to an .apk extension file which can be easily downloaded onto your android device. It is a 2MB file and should only take a couple of minutes depending on your internet speed.

Showbox for Mac

  1. Open the folder where the file is stored and then click on the file of showbox and then run it.
  2. The app will run in the bluestacks platform and you can watch all your movies.

Following the above steps lead you to download showbox app for your Apple Mac, iPad & iPhone. Comment below you face any problems in running showbox app in your ipad.

Download Showbox for Mac, iPad & iPhone – Install Offical App
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