Download Showbox App for iPhone, iPad (iOS Devices)

Showbox for iPad/iPhone is a hot potato that everybody is discussing over the internet. For starters, not many can seem to find it and some even say that it does not exist. If you are on the right track trusting the right sources, you can find and download Showbox for your iOS device, and we will tell you how.

Showbox is your one-stop app for all your entertainment needs. It is originally meant for Android but can be used on other platforms as well. As a user, you can access hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows from your mobile device. Hence, Showbox for Apple is an ideal app to ensure you are experiencing optimum level of entertainment on your Apple devices. From watching your favorite movies to downloading them, the demand for this version of the application is rising day by day.

What Are The Main Features of Showbox for iPad/iPhone?

Showbox for iPhone

Now, of course, there are no special features that the app offers for the iOS devices but there can be quite a few benefits of downloading and installing Showbox for Apple devices.

  • You can access your favorite TV shows and movies online and download them for free without any charges. All you need is a good internet connection and you can enjoy videos whenever you want and from wherever you are.
  • The app takes care of every user’s taste for movies and TV shows. It offers a wide collection of TV shows and movies which makes it most useful.
  • The movies and TV shows are neatly arranged, that is; you can browse the videos according to their ratings, IMDB score, year, etc. Moreover, Showbox also allows the users to Chromecast the video content to the bigger screen.
  • There are several sources from which you can stream movies, along with different resolutions to conserve data.

If you are enthusiastic about the Showbox app for your Apple devices, here is the simple way to get it.

Downloading Showbox for iPad/iPhone   

The method to download and install Showbox for your iOS devices is surprisingly simple. It only requires a handful of steps and you are good to go. Actually, the version you need for this app is known as Moviebox. The app functions similar to Showbox and the only difference is its name and that it supports different operating system (iOS).

Moviebox is an alternative to Showbox and possesses all the features and functionalities of the Showbox app.

  • The first and the foremost thing to do is get the vShare app on your iPhone/iPad. You can download vShare from . Make sure that you download the unjailbroken version of it.


  • Click on ‘Download Unjailbroken’ and when it asks you to install, hit the install button
  • vShare will then download and install automatically to your device and you can access it from the apps menu.
  • Next, open vShare and in the search box type ‘Moviebox.’ You will see Moviebox app icon, click on it to download it. You can recognize the app by its distinguishable icon image.

Showbox For iPhone

  • Once the app is downloaded to your devices, a pop up will appear prompting you to install the app on your device. Press the Moviebox Install button to proceed further.

Download movie box

  • It may take several minutes to install successfully. Once it is installed, it will appear on the apps menu. Click on the app icon, it will ask you to agree to its terms and conditions. That’s it! Enjoy your favorite movies.

This is the first method to download and install Showbox for iPad/iPhone (Moviebox). However, if this procedure is not working for you for the reasons that include;

  1. You are unable to download vShare to your iOS device
  2. You tried this procedure step-by-step and still, it isn’t working

Then you should try downloading the app without vShare, that is; direct download the Moviebox app.

  • Launch the Safari web browser on your iOS device

Install Movie box

  • Type ‘Moviebox download’ in the search box and search for it
  • Once the results list is displayed, look for the authentic sites from where you can download Moviebox
  • There are chances that the version you download may come with bugs, so it is always important to download it from a reliable source

Moviebox App

  • Once you have downloaded the app click on it to install it


  • The installation process might take several minutes, but when the process is completed you can locate the app from the apps menu
  • Once the app is installed, open the app, agree to its terms and conditions, and enjoy your movies

In case, if this method doesn’t work, then you can try the IPA method for downloading and installing Moviebox app for iOS.

Getting Showbox for iPad/iPhone using IPA Method:

Showbox for Apple

In this procedure, we will follow the IPA method (direct downloading) method to download and install Showbox.

  1. Before doing anything you will have to set your device’s time to 1st December 2014. Now open the web browser (Safari or any web browser will do)
  2. Open Showbox IPA for iOS 6 and lower and select Moviebox app IPA for iOS 7 and above. You will be prompted to see a direct install button. Hit the direct install button and install the app on your iPad/iPhone
  3. After the installation process gets completed, a shortcut to Moviebox will be created in the apps menu. Run the app, agree to its terms and conditions and enjoy all your favorite TV shows and movies

If this method also doesn’t work, then you are left with one last option. The one last option you are left with to download and install Showbox for iPad/iPhone is to use the Showbox application on an Android emulator for iOS. There are numerous Android emulators for iOS available but it is hard to find a trusted one as there is a lack of reliable online reviews. Android emulators for iOS can help you run Android applications on your Apple devices. iAndroid is one of the best Android emulators for iOS.

  • Use the android emulator accessible within the Cydia app.
  • From here you can access Showbox application within it; however, it is quite a nested deal

On the other hand, if you badly want the experience of Showbox on your iOS device, you can spend a few dollars and use an online emulator like ManyMo.

Moviebox is the Showbox app for iOS users. Follow the mentioned procedures to successfully download and install the app. When you first open the app, you will feel like it has quite a resemblance to the Showbox app. The best thing about the app is its ease of use and accessibility, given how it is the exact copy of the Showbox application available for different platforms. The menus including the contents are same which means that the iOS users can finally enjoy and match up with the Android users when it comes to the options for free entertainment.


We hope that this tutorial will answer all your questions on how to download, install, and use Showbox for iPad/iPhone devices to watch and download free TV shows and Movies. Let us know if these procedures work. Also, do tell us if you are facing any problems with the installation.

Download Showbox App for iPhone, iPad (iOS Devices)
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Showbox APK Download : V5.01 for Android & PC

Showbox APK Download: Showbox is an application for viewing movies and TV-series on your Android phones. This app also comes with a great and easy to use interface so you can browse through the collection of a bunch of movies and TV-series. Showbox APK Download option is easily available for smartphones powered by Android OS. But if you want to enjoy the application in a large screen, then you will probably need to get Showbox App for PC.

Showbox APK

So today in this post we are going to guide you how to download Showbox APK on Android and PC. Follow this guide carefully and go head with the steps one by one to successfully download Showbox on your Android phone and PC, Laptop.

Showbox APK Download

Before we share the tutorials on Showbox, we are going to share some features and functions of it. Show box lets you see movies and TV-shows on your Android device or PC. The best thing about Showbox is that it is entirely free of cost, and it contains a vast collection of movies and tv-series. Showbox APK contains very fewer advertisements, in fact, when you view any program there are no annoying ads at all. It features a useful search box also, which lets you search your favorite programs within minutes. All these features are available in both versions of Show Box (Android and PC). Anyone can download Showbox APK by just following few important steps.

Showbox App for Android

Downloading Show Box for Android is very easy. You just need to download and install it on your Android smartphone with a single click. Follow the below steps to get Showbox on your smartphone.

  • Download Showbox APK.
  • Connect your Android phone to PC.
  • Move the APK file to your phone.
  • Go to file manager and click on the Showbox file.
  • Now click on install, wait for it to get installed on your phone.

Congratulations! You have installed Show box on your Android Phone. Now you can watch movies and TV-Series for free using an Internet connection anywhere. If you want to enjoy ShowBox on a bigger screen, then we recommend you to follow our guide on downloading Show Box for PC.

How to Download Showbox APK for PC?

Before we start the tutorial, you will need to install an Android Emulator called Bluestacks on your computer which you can download from here. Once you have downloaded it, install it on your PC and follow with the below tutorial.

  • Get Showbox APK.
  • Double click on Show box APK file. Wait for Bluestacks to install ShowBox automatically on PC for you.
  • In addition, open Bluestacks then go to Menu.
  • Finally, click on the Showbox app icon.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully installed ShowBox on Your PC. Now you can watch free movies and TV-shows anytime by just opening Bluestacks and clicking on Show Box.

We hope you have liked our above guide to download Showbox APK for Android. If you have any issues/problems while following our guide, then do let us know via comments. We will be happy to help you out.

Showbox APK Download : V5.01 for Android & PC
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